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Moto Morini: a new partnership for Carbonteam

Published on 05/02/2016

In January 2016, Carbonteam began a new partnership with the prestigious company Moto Morini for the supply of special parts in carbon fibre, thanks to its extensive and long-standing experience in carbon processing. For over seventy years, the brand, established in Bologna in 1937 by the entrepreneur and motorcycle racer Alfonso Morini, has been synonymous worldwide with motorcycles designed and made in the traditional way. With its innovative sporty line, the historic single-cylinder Rebello, made in 1954 and 1955, is regarded as one of the classic Italian motorcycles. Then we must not forget the appearance in the 1960s of the Corsaro 125, a motorcycle designed for road use, followed by the Corsaro Veloce and the Corsarino produced and sold in various models. Today, the company produces many models including the Scrambler 1200 and the Corsaro 1200 veloce, both made with carbon fibre livery.

A new Cutting Plotter for Carbonteam

Published on 02/12/2015

Carbonteam, a company specialised in carbon processing that always pays special attention to the processing times and costs of its end products, has just purchased a plotter for cutting pre-peg fabrics.

The machine, manufactured by the renowned ZUND brand, optimises the cutting of carbon sheets while reducing waste and processing times, and significantly increasing daily production.

5th International Business Convention for the Aerospace Industry in Torino

Published on 10/11/2015

Carbonteam, a company operating in the carbon processing sector, will have a stand at the Aerospace and Defense Convention, from 17 to 19 November 2015. For further information, visit the website

A Clean Room for Carbonteam

Published on 29/08/2015

Carbonteam, operating in many sectors (industrial, racing, automotive, medical, robotics and design), has just opened a new functional clean room at its company premises, which is essential to ensure that its products are of the highest quality.

The clean room is an environment that can achieve and maintain optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and dust concentration in the atmosphere, ideal for composite materials. In the clean room, specialised workers carry out the lamination of pre-peg fabrics and vacuum bagging.

Carbonteam sponsor of Vigor Group

Published on 16/06/2015

Carbonteam, accustomed to test carbon fibre lightness, today deals with a new project involving the world of two wheels. Carbonteam is now proudly sponsor of Piasco Vigor cycling amateur club.

The club has won several races: street race, hillclimbing, speed race and circuit. Excellent results were accomplished on April 25th during Gran Premio Liberazione at Villanova Mondovì and on April 26th during Gran Premio Liberazione at Pinerolo.

Carbon fibre dashboards

Published on 29/04/2015

Carbonteam who has just been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, has always paid attention to market needs providing quick solutions. Within this perspective and thanks to its strong competitiveness in the field of carbon fibre modeling, Carbonteam just accomplished the production of a series of dashboards entirely made out of carbon fibre.

These products were designed and tailor made for helicopters and ultralight aircrafts. Each single piece has been designed and modified according to the end user needs. The specific feature of the matt finish is meant to avoid reflections during the flight.