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Osella Engineering and Carbonteam


Carbonteam involvement in the motorsport sector continues thanks to its new prestigious partnership with Osella Engineering, a leading Turin-based racing car manufacturer established in 1965 by Vincenzo “Enzo” Osella. From the first uphill races to Formula One races, the history of Osella Engineering has left its mark, with passion and professionalism, on the Italian car industry. Today, at its innovative headquarters just outside Turin, the company is involved in manufacturing new cars that compete on the track and in hillclimb races worldwide every year. The Pa 21 JrB E 2B model with motorcycling propellers from 1000 to 1600 cc and the Pa21 Evo CN2 powered by a 2-litre Honda engine, for years a top class car in both the track and the uphill version, are just some of the models made in collaboration with Carbonteam, which oversaw the construction of the biplane rear wing, monoplane wing, front nose and front underbody in carbon fibre.

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