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December 2021

(Italiano) Pausa Natalizia per Carbonteam
Thursday 23 , DEC Carbonteam will be closed from december 24th to january 9th. We wish You all happy holidays! ...

September 2021

(Italiano) L'innovazione che incontra la tradizione
Tuesday 14 , SEP

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June 2021

(Italiano) Welcome OM1S!
Wednesday 30 , JUN

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May 2021

(Italiano) Un weekend da record per Carbonteam!
Wednesday 05 , MAY

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December 2020

(Italiano) Telaio monoscocca o fasciato?
Sunday 13 , DEC

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August 2020

(Italiano) Pausa Estiva per Carbonteam
Monday 17 , AUG

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July 2020

The first Carbonteam Management Board was inaugurated.  
Friday 31 , JUL “Joining a board requires you to take a step back. Your role is to examine, encourage, advise but not operate."  With this quote, the first Carbonteam Mana ...

May 2020

(Italiano) Ripartenza per Carbonteam
Friday 08 , MAY

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September 2019

(Italiano) Carbonteam alla 1000 Miglia Green.
Wednesday 25 , SEP

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An amazing season for the Squadra Corse Politecnico di Torino
Wednesday 11 , SEP Great satisfaction and victories for the Squadra Corse Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic Racing Team), whichwon the gold medal, for the first time, and also received the prestigious Abarth Award fo ...

June 2019

Carbonteam and Blizz Primatist: see the story on video
Wednesday 26 , JUN The exciting account of a dream come true experienced through the words of the driver Gianmaria Aghem, who, thanks to his commitment, passion and determination has created Blizz Primatist. The car inspired by the Zer, an el ...

April 2019

Blizz Primatist: aiming far with electricity.
Tuesday 16 , APR Blizz Primatist, a record-breaking car, designed in the Piedmont region and the Valle d’Aosta, will be presented on Wednesday 17th April in the magnificent setting of the Museo dell’Automobile di Torino (National Automo ...

February 2019

Carbonteam and the Racing Team of the Politecnico di Torino: the adventure continues!
Wednesday 27 , FEB Once again in 2019, Carbonteam is collaborating withthe Racing Team of thePolitecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic) to make the new SC19 car. The previous version, the four-wheel

November 2018

CARBONTEAM AND FIBERNET: teamed up for a cutting-edge project.
Thursday 22 , NOV A young, dynamic company such as Carbonteam could not miss the opportunity offered by Fibernet to co-work on an innovative and unique project. Un1co is the name we have chosen and whic ...

July 2018

Carbonteam and the Racing Team of the Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic) together for the new SC18 car.
Wednesday 25 , JUL Carbonteam and the Racing Team of the Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic) together for the new SC18 car. The students’ team of the Politecnico di Torino has presented the new four-wheel drive SC18car, which made ...

May 2018

Carbonteam: New 5-Axis Milling Cutter
Monday 14 , MAY The large focus on the best technologies present on the market makes Carbonteam a dynamic company, capable of satisfying its customers in all carbon processing phases, thanks to a constantly growing and developing machinery ...

March 2018

Innovation through communication
Friday 16 , MAR Technological and innovative. This sums up the new communication project adopted by Carbonteam, a company specialised in producing carbon fibre products and tailor-made carbon fibre components. This dynamic project has led to the constru ...
ISO 9001:2015: a new milestone for Carbonteam
Sunday 04 , MAR Carbonteam, a company specialised in designing and producing carbon fibre products and custom-made carbon fibre components, develops each project using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials. Always focused ...

July 2017

Innovation at Carbonteam: a new dust suction system
Thursday 27 , JUL The quality of work and the work environment are the fundamental principles behind the philosophy of Carbonteam, a dynamic company that has made innovation its strength. After installing a second Clean Room, in November 2016, and a secon ...

April 2017

Carbonteam have a stand a the 2017 edition of Affidabilità e Tecnologia
Friday 14 , APR From 3 to 5 May, Carbonteam will have a stand (L46) at the 2017 edition of Affidabilità e Tecnologie (A&T), the International Trade Fair for the Manufacturing Industry. This specialist event is an impo ...

March 2017

A second autoclave for Carbonteam
Thursday 02 , MAR Carbonteam, a company specialised in products made of carbon and composite materials, has been working in the industrial, racing, automotive, medical, robotics and design sectors since 2007. With a view to achieving greater flexibility a ...

December 2016

Merry Christmas
Thursday 22 , DEC Carbonteam wishes all its customers and collaborators a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ...

November 2016

Second Clean Room for Carbonteam
Saturday 12 , NOV Specialized in processing carbon, Carbonteam has just inaugurated a new Clean Room. For the company, operating in the industrial, racing, automotive, medical, robotic and design sectors, it is the second clean room in less than two years, l ...

May 2016

Osella Engineering and Carbonteam
Thursday 26 , MAY Carbonteam involvement in the motorsport sector continues thanks to its new prestigious partnership with

February 2016

Moto Morini: a new partnership for Carbonteam
Friday 05 , FEB In January 2016, Carbonteam began a new partnership with the prestigious company Moto Morini for the supply of special parts in carbon fibre, thanks to its extensive and lo ...

December 2015

A new Cutting Plotter for Carbonteam
Wednesday 02 , DEC Carbonteam, a company specialised in carbon processing that always pays special attention to the processing times and costs of its end products, has just purchased a plotter for cutting pre-peg fabrics. The machine, manufactured by the r ...

November 2015

5th International Business Convention for the Aerospace Industry in Torino
Tuesday 10 , NOV Carbonteam, a company operating in the carbon processing sector, will have a stand at the Aerospace and Defense Convention, from 17 to 19 November 2015. For further information, visit the website

August 2015

A Clean Room for Carbonteam
Saturday 29 , AUG Carbonteam, operating in many sectors (industrial, racing, automotive, medical, robotics and design), has just opened a new functional clean room at its company premises, which is essential to ensure that its products are of the highest qua ...

June 2015

Carbonteam sponsor of Vigor Group
Tuesday 16 , JUN Carbonteam, accustomed to test carbon fibre lightness, today deals with a new project involving the world of two wheels. Carbonteam is now proudly sponsor of Piasco Vigor cycling amateur club. The club has won several races: street race, ...

April 2015

Carbon fibre dashboards
Wednesday 29 , APR Carbonteam who has just been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, has always paid attention to market needs providing quick solutions. Within this perspective and thanks to its strong competitiveness in the field of carbon fibre ...

March 2015

ISO 9001 Certification
Monday 02 , MAR Carbonteam srl since always a quality and excellent service driven company in the field of carbon fibre has obtained the ISO 9001 certification. This certification is the best known and appreciated standard for quality management systems a ...

November 2014

Saturday 08 , NOV Carbonteam commitment in the motorsport sector is always a high level one as shown by the partnership with JAS Motorsport, a race cars manufacturing company and racing team founded in 1995 mainly for grand touring races. Honda partner sinc ...

October 2014

Monday 27 , OCT Carbonteam srl with its proven skills in carbon fibre modeling has set up a partnership with Eurodrone the leader company from Cuneo in the field of drones for military and civilian employment. Eurodrone thanks to its partnerships with flyi ...
Wednesday 15 , OCT Carbonteam srl is producing some components for a very exciting motor sport project. It is for the SCG 003. The new challenge of the American collector James Glickenhaus and his team Cameron Glic ...

September 2014

Monday 01 , SEP Carbonteam Srl took part in the 39th edition of the “Grande Fiera d’Estate” in Cuneo, from Friday 29 August to Sunday 7 September 2014. At stand 180 in the Tekno pavilion, carbon fibre products for racing cars and structural parts in ...

December 2013

Carbonteam is a partner in the production of “FROOM Carbon Jewels”
Friday 06 , DEC Original jewels in carbon fibre can be purchased on an innovative design platform: earrings and pendants by the Froom Carbon Jewels brand, created by Giambattista Gaggero of Cuneo. His long-standing experience in marketing and design has ...

January 2013

A partnership between BMW and Boeing
Thursday 10 , JAN The BMW Group and Boeing have signed a partnership agreement to collaborate on research into recycling carbon fibre, share know-how and explore opportunities for automation. Both the BMW Group and Boeing are pioneering the use of carbon ...